How to best care for Ariel and Kirsty

(This was originally an email sent by Sam Chan on September 8, 2012 at 3pm)

Here’s what we can do:

1. Keep praying
Although there’s no fracture, Ariel’s got a long journey in front of him. He is still in spinal shock, so it’s going to be a long wait before we see how much of his normal movement will be regained. Let’s pray that there is no long-term spinal cord damage.

2. Visiting
Ariel is still in Intensive Care. Only family are allowed to visit him. But when he is moved to the normal wards, he’ll be able to receive visitors.

But please, can we please restrict the number of visitors to 4 per day?

Aunty Lydia Tan will be the liaison person for this. Tomorrow, at church, give her your contact details, and she’ll arrange a “roster” for people who want to visit Ariel.

3. Meals
Obviously, Kirsty would appreciate people providing meals for her and the 4 kids.

Solan Chiu will be the liaison for this. Tomorrow, at church, let her know that you can help out with meals, and she’ll arrange some sort of “roster” for providing meals.

4. Child-minding
Kirsty will also need child-minding.

Betty Cheung will be the liaison for this. So please contact her and she’ll get you onto a roster for child-minding.

5. Communications
Please resist calling Kirsty directly. This will free her up to communicate, get around, sleep, etc.

Please direct communications to Mark Boyley, or the people above (Solan, Lydia and Betty).

Thanks so much for understanding. As a church we are caught in a tension between (1) showing our love to Ariel and Kirsty; and (2) doing it in a way that doesn’t overwhelm them.

Sam Chan

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