Ariel just out of surgery

(This was originally an email sent by Andrew Wong on September 8, 2012 at 2am)

Dear all (SAG, EWC, TAG, Glue and Stick),

I have just got back from visiting Ariel in hospital just then. Ariel is awake and recovering from surgery in ICU. He was quite lucid and not experiencing much pain, he was able to hold a normal conversation and even make a few jokes.

His parents were the first to be able to see him at about 11:30pm, and Kirsty has also been able to see him at about 12:30am (She had to drive in from Canberra).

What has happened is that he fell off his motorbike on a corner, slipped on some gravel and hit his head on a road barrier. There is no fracture – instead the disc between C3 & C4 shifted and put pressure on the spinal cord. The surgery done was to correct this, but there has been some damage to the cord. It’s still early days yet – he will remain in ICU and the next few days will reveal the extent of his injuries. There won’t be any more surgery needed. There is no damage done to the rest of his body – his pressure suit protected his body well. He presently has mobility in his shoulders down to his elbows.

Kirsty herself is a physio and has worked in the spinal units of hospitals before, and so she is quite knowledgeable and realistic about these sort of injuries.

The staff have requested no visitors except for immediate family.

Ariel told me that understands the church must be really worried about everything, but he emphatically told me to tell everyone to keep trusting God in this. Ariel said he knows that all of this is in Christ’s hands, and he knows He is looking after him even now. He understands that God wants to humble him in some way, and he’s okay with that.

Right now Kirsty’s mum is in Sydney looking after the four kids.

Praise God:

  • Ariel is lucid and conscious able to speak to everyone, and encourage us.
  • The rest of Ariel’s body is fine.
  • Kirsty’s mum is available to help look after the children.
  • For skilled doctors and nurses.
  • For Ariel’s firm faith and intimacy with God.


  • For the next few days as things become clearer.
  • For the Kirsty and the kids, and for Ariel’s parents.

That’s all I know now. Mark will continue to be the source of information. I’m sure there are plenty of practical things that could be done to help out the family, but I think the best thing is to just wait for Kirsty to give indication (don’t call her to find out, call Mark), and continue to pray.

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