There is a chaos that comes with everyday life.

For us, the normal chaos has been peppered by rising at 3am each morning to deal with Ariel’s current muscle spasms. (Thankfully, we can do a few things to help at that time and return to sleep afterwards).

But some days, when we are immersed in chaos, we look to the light more desperately.

(Lego chaos)

(Giant cubby house chaos)

So as we ponder the chaos of our house and our interrupted sleep,

We’re honoured to look “up” at Easter to see the cross and our risen saviour.

It was really nice that we had 2 images outside our window that helped us think of theses things…

On Good Friday…

…And Easter Sunday…

….Which helped inspire the images at the front of our church –

the chains of our brokenness taken at the cross and the new life we receive because Christ rose again.

“Christ carried our sins in his body on the cross.

He did this so that we would stop living for sin and and start living for what is right.

And we are healed because of his wounds”

1 Peter 2;24 (International Childrens Bible)

For prayer:

For the continued healing and treatment of tendons in Ariel’s hips

For endurance

For good sleep for the whole household


We hope you had a special Easter


Easter Sunday with Ariel’s mum



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