Tea total




We’ve had a couple of nice photos around here lately – because we dressed up for some weddings and Christmas.

But I am amused to provide a snapshot of real life as well.

Someone in our family climbed in the pantry last week and knocked down a very big canister of tea.


It was extremely messy, alot of work to clean up and definitely not pretty.

It reminded me of that First Christmas –

the nativity paintings are so pretty but, in real life that stable would have been painful and messy and exhausting and noisy….

Yet in it all – God reigned and carried out His beautiful plan to save and bring joy!

A lovely reminder of the God we can trust in any chaos.


For Prayer:

For Ariel to have Spiritual wisdom for work and life in the midst of pain and fatigue.

For the family to continue to gather up treasured memories with family, friends and church over Christmas and Summer.

For everyone to sleep better.

For endurance in this long race and to see beauty shine through the chaos.


“For in him (Jesus) was life,

and that life was the light of all mankind”

John 1:4


Have yourselves a merry little Christmas,

With much love & thanks for your ongoing support and prayers.

Kirsty xx


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