Inside Out

photo 2

Inside the QVB,

photo 1

Out at Bicentennial Park!


Because we cannot go away for holidays, we have enjoyed a few local adventures on Ariel’s day off in the school holidays.

Our caffeine count has been enjoyably high and the sunny weather in Sydney has been a great gift!

For those who pray-

Pray that God will renew us from the “inside out” – that our character will be more like our saviour, Jesus.

Pray for Ariel’s hands to continue to improve – it’s slow, despite hard work.

Please thank God that with a friend’s help (to hold the bread and wine and bible) Ariel conducted his first communion at church!


“In my heart, in my soul

I give you control

Consume me from the inside out, Lord

Let justice and praise

Become my embrace

to love you from the inside out”

‘From the Inside Out’ – Hillsong





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