Big Day Out

We would appreciate prayer for our biggest “outing” since Ariel’s accident.

We are attempting to travel to Canberra tomorrow to attend the funeral of my Nan who died at the age of 98 last week.

photo 3

As a friend said this week, Zeta (pictured above) was a “source of darlingness” and will be very missed.

It will be a very big day for us in so many ways.

We are looking forward to giving Grandad (also pictured) a hug & acknowledging their 72 years of marriage.

Please pray for safety and comfort in travel and for a Zeta focused and God focused day.

We will let you know whether we managed to get there!


Thank God for Ariel’s more regular attendance at Sunday services at WSCCC.

It is a big and wonderful effort – aided by the ever faithful Keith – who is our locum pastor.

Thank God for Keith and Janette and the way they help us.

photo 2

Keith and Ariel on Sunday at morning tea at WSCCC.

photo 1

Shaking hands at the door – excellent Occupational therapy again!


“When we’ve been there 10000 years

bright shining as the sun

we’ve no less days to sing God’s praise 

than when we first begun”

(Amazing Grace – John Newton)





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