A Good Pathology

Ariel has seen his Rehab Specialist for 1 1/2 hours today and the good news is…

The pathology report confirmed this morning that Ariel’s infection appears to have gone.

This is the first of a series of tests – hopefully this can be confirmed fully in the coming weeks.

This does not mean the end of infections forever – but a possible recovery from the current nasty bug.

Thank you to all of our prayer buddies and to an awesome God.



Prayer could be directed to discovering the mystery behind Ariel’s night time muscle spasms and to the prevention further


Thank God for Ariel’s first successful ride on a travelater (flat escalator)!

It is a surprisingly tricky thing to navigate a moving walkway with 2 crutches (and 4 kids!).

I couldn’t get a photo …

But we had a coffee with our friends the Chens and they took this photo which proves we were there :).

Yay to the God who is “there”




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