Royal Treatment

Ariel is currently in Royal North Shore Hospital.

It has been a very big 13 days for us.

As we expected, the change to full time living together has been a beautiful chaos!


Ariel helping with homework.


We have had about 4 professionals enter our house every day and at least 4 interruptions to sleep every night.

Unfortunately for Ariel, his body responds to change in an exaggerated way.

So, after an infection this week, his blood pressure, spasms and pain were bad enough that I took him to hospital late on Saturday night.

In some ways this is a helpful “tune up” time where he will have multiple scans and reviews of medication.


Please pray

for healing and for helpful medical care over the next few days.

for the kids who are on school holidays and still adapting to chaos.

for me – still riding this strange roller coaster alongside Ariel.

The highs and lows will continue and our God continues to care.



Catching the train to a friends wedding on Saturday where Keira was a flower girl.

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