Patient waiting

Ariel has not moved back to our house in Croydon yet (even though we are all back in Sydney).

We are hoping that next week he will have an overnight stay to test our modified house.

There are lots of details to be organised.

It won’t happen overnight – but it will happen!



Ariel practises walking…

Held an apple and ate it for the first time….

Unzipped his own jacket for the first time….

Tried crutches for the first time….

He still needs lots of help despite these great improvements.


Change is a part of our life –

we are thankful for it (Ariel’s improvements)

and at times rattled by it (hard work).

Pray that we will see beyond the hard part of change and also remember that…


“I the LORD do not change” 

Malachi 3:6





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