Together again at Ferguson Lodge
Together again at Ferguson Lodge

The family has been reunited!

The bathroom has a working toilet, sink,bath and shower – but is not finished yet.

The girls are back at school….

The builder, Pete is working hard….

Ariel is working even harder….

But…we don’t know Ariel’s homecoming date yet.

Please pray for our case manager Allie who organises and coordinates other details before Ariel can come home.

Please pray for really punctual tradesmen and for the remaining work to be speedy.


I have been thinking about Paul Tripp’s quote:

“You don’t live life in the big moments. You live life in the utterly mundane.

If God doesn’t rule your mundane, then he doesn’t rule your life”

Pray that we will honour God in any mundane moments of our lives – when Ariel is in pain or waiting or needing help.

When I am sweeping tradey dust, helping tired kids or drinking cold coffee 🙂


Last photos from the country…

Bonfire @ Brices farm
Bonfire @ Brices farm
Last day in Tathra (near Bega)
Last day in Tathra (near Bega)



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