Something for the church bulletins

Hi all,

Ariel’s bloating has been relieved. Thank God for that answered prayer. That has helped his breathing too. Sounds like it was a painful night, but he is much improved now.

Here is a summary and prayer points for our church bulletins. It might be useful for other churches:

Rev. Ariel Kurilowicz has made some progress in the spinal ward at RNS this week. We are encouraged by his faith, hope and love. For updates to help you pray please go to . At time of writing he is still not up to general visitors, but as soon as that becomes possible please register with Lydia Tan to book in a time slot so that we don’t overwhelm him.

  • Praise God for sparing Ariel’s life, for his faith, for good care, for progress in his recovery.
  • Pray for the Lord to heal him. Thank God for how he has worked through excellent medical care.
  • Pray for his family, esp. Kirsty with Lara, Keira, Alice & Luka.
  • Pray for our church, and in particular the Strathfield 9am congregation, as they come to terms with how this affects them.

Grace and peace, Mark

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